Resolute’s human resources performance: 2020 highlights

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Resolute understands that our long-term success is tied to our ability to recruit, develop and retain top-quality employees with the right skills. 

We are committed to implementing new leadership and human resources practices to help us retain employees, renew our workforce and create an inclusive workplace. Here are some human resource highlights from our GRI-compliant 2020 sustainability reporting.

Constructive labor and management relations are the foundation of good human resource management and, as such, are very important to Resolute’s business. In 2020, we renewed six collective agreements covering 521 employees at our wood products operations in Canada, helping to ensure the operational stability and long-term competitiveness of our business. 

Additionally, we hired 970 new permanent and temporary employees, raising our employer profile through targeted recruitment practices. We also hired 580 student and seasonal workers, and recorded 52 internal promotions. Our employee turnover rate for the year was 15.9% – a significant improvement over 2019 – including an involuntary rate of 3.7% primarily as a result of retirements. 

In 2020, Resolute also adopted a board-level diversity policy requiring a minimum of 25% representation of each gender (i.e., male and female), as well as an executive leadership level diversity policy acknowledging diversity as a key factor in the company’s talent management strategy. 

We will continue to build a strong corporate culture that attracts, retains and engages a diverse workforce and allows natural leaders to grow. We invite you to learn more by visiting our Human Resources page on Resolute’s corporate website.

Source: The Resolute Blog