Resolute and Thunder Bay Scouts Plant 600 Trees

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Employees from our Ontario woodlands operations recently teamed up with Thunder Bay Scouts to plant 600 trees on Resolute’s private land.

The event was part of the organization’s annual Scoutree program, which has seen thousands of Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts and Venturer Scouts plant trees across Canada since 1972. Scouts Canada is the country’s leading co-ed youth organization, offering programming for children and youth aged 5-26.

In addition to the land, Resolute provided the seedlings and appropriate safety equipment for each participant. Volunteers from Resolute were also on hand to answer Scouts’ questions about forest management and regeneration. 

While forest regeneration is an essential component of responsible and sustainable forest management, this event took place independently of regular reforestation activities. Less than half of one percent of Canada’s boreal forest is harvested each year – far less than what is disturbed annually by natural causes such as forest fires, insects and disease – and all harvested areas must be regenerated. In Canada, about 75% of the area harvested through forestry operations grows back naturally, while the other 25% is promptly reforested via seeding or planting of seedlings.

Source: The Resolute Blog