Resolute Marks UN International Day of Charity

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This Sunday, September 5, is the United Nations’ International Day of Charity, established with the objective of sensitizing and mobilizing people and groups to help others through volunteer and philanthropic activities.

Resolute acknowledges the inspiring generosity of our employees who have given time, effort and money in support of worthy causes in their respective communities. 

Resolute’s Board of Directors Safety Award highlights our commitment to supporting communities where we live and work, as well as to the health and safety of our employees. Operations are recognized by our board of directors for achieving consecutive hours without a recordable injury, and achievements are recognized in increments of 250,000-hour milestones. Employees from accomplished sites receive a monetary gift to be donated to local charitable organizations selected by employees – $5,000 for 250,000 hours; $10,000 for 500,000 hours and 750,000 hours; and $15,000 for one million hours. Since 2010, Resolute operations have collectively donated over US$2,500,000 through the Board of Directors Safety Award program. In 2020, Resolute employees distributed US$250,550 in donations to charitable and community organizations, thanks to their outstanding safety performance during the year. We have recently implemented a similar program to recognize company facilities reaching a COVID-19 vaccination rate of 75%.

Incentivizing health and safety outcomes is a key element of Resolute’s philanthropic activities, which exceed US$1 million annually. We also generate positive impact through other financial donations, in-kind contributions of products and materials, and support for academic institutions and research. 

On the International Day of Charity, we recognize the importance of community.

Source: The Resolute Blog