Rolland Launches Magazine Showcasing Sustainability and Printability of Recycled Paper

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1882 Magazine unveils new ways to leverage the power of environmentally-friendly paper

MONTREAL – June 20, 2019 – Rolland, the manufacturer of premium, recycled paper products with the smallest environmental footprint, announced today the launch of its new Magazine 1882 – designed to educate, entertain and inform about the printability of sustainable paper.

The magazine highlights the importance of recycled paper in protecting the environment, including thought-provoking content, and tips for commercial and digital printing. With colorful and detailed images printed on various paper grades, readers can experience the different types of Rolland paper firsthand.

“Since opening in 1882, Rolland has blossomed into a leader in product quality and environmental responsibility, and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to share that with our customers,” said Renee Yardley, Rolland’s vice president of sales and marketing for North America. “We believe in the power of print, and Rolland’s recycled paper is the best option to reduce your environmental footprint while delivering attractive and impactful print materials – like Magazine 1882.”

Rolland aims to debunk myths surrounding the characteristics, printability and sustainability of uncoated recycled paper. In collaboration with the printer and graphic design studio, Rolland created Magazine 1882 to illustrate how images come to life beautifully on premium, eco-friendly paper like Rolland Enviro Print, Rolland Enviro Satin and Rolland HiTech.

“To further this goal, Rolland also partners with “Green Champion” companies – including companies like The Tennessee Conservationist and Sépaq – to discuss the role of print communication in their businesses and their approach to environmental responsibility,” said Senior Marketing Director, Michele Bartolini.

“Part of Rolland’s commitment to sustainability includes ensuring that other companies are empowered to produce beautiful printed pieces while minimizing their ecological footprint, so we’re very excited to share this project with our customers,” said Chantal Bellerose, Rolland’s senior product marketing manager. “By incorporating colorful images with enough blank space to ‘let the paper talk’, we sought to create not only a valuable resource for printing techniques and recycled paper information, but also a source of inspiration and entertainment for those looking to tell their story in a sustainable way.”

Rolland believes that making our planet a better place starts with education and awareness, and Magazine 1882 will become a crucial resource for industry experts, innovators and purpose-driven businesses alike. Read more on the blog, and to learn more about Rolland, please visit

About Rolland

Rolland, a leading producer of FSC certified recycled paper products, takes its role as a steward of the environment seriously. Rolland has the smallest footprint in the paper industry and is the only North American paper manufacturer using biogas, which powers 93 percent of the mill’s energy needs, reducing annual carbon dioxide emissions by 70,000 tons – the equivalent of 23,400 compact cars. Rolland’s closed loop system also recycles every drop of water up to 30 times.