State of Canada’s Forests 2020: Adapting to Change

Industry News

Canada’s forests are poised to adapt to our rapidly changing landscape. That’s the key message found in the latest edition of the State of Canada’s Forests report, updated in December 2020.

Published annually by the Canadian government, the report is packed with data affirming the health and vitality of the country’s woodlands, inspiring confidence and pride in Canadian forest products. 

The theme of the 2020 report is “Canada’s forests: adapting to change”. Toundra Greenhouse, an innovative cucumber-growing greenhouse complex located in Saint-Félicien (Quebec) in which Resolute holds a 49% interest, features prominently. Other featured topics include the support provided by the forest sector during the COVID-19 pandemic; Canada’s use of cutting-edge technology to fight forest fires; collaboration between scientists and Indigenous communities; and the role of genomics in helping Canada’s forests thrive in the face of climate change. 

As the Honourable Seamus O’Regan, Minister of Natural Resources, points out, “Canada’s foresters are continuing to adapt — through innovation, imagination and excellence in sustainably managing this precious resource. Thanks to their efforts, we can look forward to healthy, thriving forests for many generations to come.” 

The State of Canada’s Forests annual report is recommended reading for anyone who uses forest products from Canada – and that’s most of us!

Source: The Resolute Blog