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A career in the forest products industry offers as many rewards and opportunities as it does challenges. That’s what participants in Forest Products Association of Canada’s (FPAC) Green Dream Internship Program are discovering on the job at Resolute.
We are pleased to share a series of blogposts written by the new interns on their work experience and adventures.

Hello everyone,

My summer internship is going well, and I’m already on my last lap. This week, I’ll be taking part in my second paper machine shutdown on Tuesday, August 6. Several types of work are planned, both electrical and mechanical, and the vital preparations have been going on for several weeks.

I really like this kind of day because it’s intense and we often have to come up with a plan B quickly to deal with unforeseen events. Some details can escape us and delay putting the equipment back in service, so we have to take action immediately.

Two areas require more extensive maintenance. Maintenance planning for the paper machine and the refining department require special attention. But the paper machine requires more manpower and has to be stopped systematically, because it is what allows us to arrive at the final product. This section therefore has to be planned with great care to avoid breakdowns before the next maintenance shut.

I quickly realized that the industrial sector is more automated and modern than I had initially thought. And it’s constantly evolving, with projects to improve equipment coming one after another. Not too long ago, various activities at the mill were done by operators. Today, with automated equipment, you can just push a button or touch a screen to accomplish the same tasks in a small fraction of the time and in complete safety. Automation has become a vital part of industrial production; it’s an efficient way to manage production with real-time monitoring that facilitates event diagnostics.

To conclude, I’d like to thank everyone I’ve come in contact with at the Kénogami mill over the summer. In their own way, my colleagues have each enabled me to learn more about paper mills. The working environment is healthy, and everyone takes the time to help out, so questions don’t go unanswered. The sense of belonging is quite apparent at the mill, and I’ve enjoyed being part of it each day.

I’ve also enjoyed describing my activities throughout the summer. This blog has given me the opportunity to better integrate my internship by going beyond the projects I worked on. It has inspired me to explore the Saguenay Lac-St-Jean region to discover personal points of interest. When writing my blog posts, I’ve appreciated the guidance and support I was offered. Resolute’s communications team has given me valuable assistance. 

I’ve also had the opportunity to learn more about the forest products industry and the career prospects in it. The industry is well established in the region and the career opportunities are very appealing.

Throughout the summer, I’ve learned how paper mills work – on the production and administrative sides alike. This experience has allowed me to confirm that I’ve chosen the right field of study. I’ll leave the Company with a great deal of technical knowledge and practices that can be learned only in the field and will be useful all my life.

I dare to hope my texts will have piqued my readers’ curiosity about the forest industry and paper mills. It’s an experience I recommend to anyone!

Thank you for reading my blog and giving me your encouraging feedback.

So long for now,

Billi Bob Levasseur

Source: The Resolute Blog

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