Valuing the World’s Woodlands on UN’s International Day of Forests

Industry News

Here at Resolute, we’re always thinking about forests. On March 21, we join the United Nations in celebrating the International Day of Forests – a day when people everywhere are called to recognize the value and importance of the world’s woodlands.

Forests provide crucial habitat, recreation and products we all use – and they play a key role in fighting climate change.

According to the United Nations, this year the International Day of Forests promotes education to Learn to Love Forests. It underscores the importance of education at all levels in achieving sustainable forest management and biodiversity conservation. Healthy forests mean healthy, resilient communities and prosperous economies.

As a responsible producer of paper, pulp and wood products, Resolute is deeply committed to managing forests sustainably so future generations can share in their many benefits. The long-term future of our company and the communities in which we operate depends on it. Learn all about sustainable forestry at Boreal Forest Facts.

You can also visit the United Nations’ page to find out more about the International Day of Forests.

Source: The Resolute Blog