Welcoming New Arrivals at Resolute’s Quebec Operations

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In 2018, the human resources team at our Forest Products Mauricie sawmill in La Tuque (Quebec) launched its first successful initiative to recruit international workers, and since that time, 19 other Resolute operations in Quebec have launched global recruitment programs.

Thanks to that experience, by 2023, our Quebec operations will have hired 138 new employees from France, Mauritius, Morocco, the Philippines and Ukraine. Of this number, 84 have already arrived in the province, and 54 will arrive shortly. Another 107 new employees are expected to arrive in 2023. They’ll take on a variety of jobs: electricians, wood processing technicians, mechanics and more. Resolute also supports education for international students completing degrees that will prepare them for positions at the company. 

“Resolute has set a goal to transform our workplace into one that is more equitable, diverse and inclusive,” says Daniel Ouellet, senior vice president, Human Resources. “We recognize the talent and contributions of each of our new employees, and we commit to fostering a dynamic environment where each individual feels respected and valued in their work. We’re counting on our team to embrace different perspectives, which are essential to achieving our objectives.”  

Earlier this year, Resolute joined others in the business community in securing employment opportunities for people fleeing the war in Ukraine. By the end of 2022, our Ontario operations will have hired 40 workers from Ukraine.

The process of hiring talent from across the globe takes a good deal of time. Resolute collaborates with several partners to build recruitment campaigns, select candidates and facilitate the immigration process and applications for visas and work permits. When the newcomers arrive, in addition to providing on-the-job training, we help them settle into life in their host province, securing lodging and organizing activities to connect them with their communities. Further down the road, we continue to support our new employees in getting established permanently. 

We applaud the efforts of our teams welcoming people from around the world, connecting them with rewarding careers in the forest products industry.

Source: The Resolute Blog