WestRock Expands Portfolio of Automated Packaging Systems

Industry News

ATLANTA (March 7, 2019) – WestRock Company, a leading provider of differentiated paper and packaging solutions, has expanded its portfolio of automated packaging system offerings with the acquisition of Linkx Packaging Systems.

Linkx specializes in automated packaging machinery ranging from single-order dispatch systems to fully integrated automation. Its BoxSizer™ technology platform can right-size multiple sizes of cartons on the same machine without stopping for changeovers.

BoxSizer complements WestRock’s existing automated packaging systems portfolio, including its Box on Demand® solution. Where Box on Demand creates custom-sized boxes, BoxSizer reduces the height dimension of multiple-sized boxes with no changeover to reduce empty space, void fill, materials, labor and shipping costs. By removing excess packaging material, BoxSizer and WestRock’s other right-size technology solutions help customers reduce their shipping, warehousing and environmental costs.

“We’re excited to add Linkx and its BoxSizer technology to our automated packaging systems portfolio,” said Jeff Chalovich, WestRock’s chief commercial officer and president of its corrugated packaging business. “Linkx further differentiates our paper and packaging machinery offerings and helps us address the growing need for on-demand packaging, especially for e-commerce applications.”

Companies interested in learning more about WestRock’s portfolio of automated packaging systems should visit WestRock’s website at www.westrock.com/automation.

Source: WestRock