Finland’s famous forests are composed of trees that have been carefully chosen and cultivated since the 1960s. Part of this process is the practice of tree breeding: selectively breeding species of trees for forests that are as healthy, resilient and productive as possible.

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had negative impacts on the domestic wooden processing industry, but this is also an opportunity for timber enterprises to review their production and business methods maintain stability at present and drive for sustainable development in the future.

Boulogne-Billancourt, 31 March 2020 - Completion of the process aimed at putting in place a new shareholding structure for Antalis with the signing of a binding put option agreement by Kokusai Pulp and Paper for the purchase of all the shares held by Sequana, Antalis’ majority shareholder, a share purchase agreement for the purchase of all the shares held by Bpifrance Participations, as well as a restructuring agreement with Antalis and the lenders of its existing syndicated credit facility.

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