A new centre for bioeconomy development test beds

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Now begins work with the investment in a world-unique test bed environment for commercialization of new technologies, products and services within bioeconomy.

In a first phase, a flexible pilot hall is being built with several different test beds adjacent to RISE already established activities in Örnsköldsvik.

In the autumn budget, the Government has allocated RISE SEK 350 million over two years to RISE with the intent to intensify work on sustainable solutions in bioeconomy. The addition will strengthen RISE investment in test beds for biorefinery. Now, the first step is being taken in the establishment of a centre for test beds where innovators, entrepreneurs, marketers and researchers can meet to scale up and commercialize new technologies.

“The purpose of the initiative is to create an internationally leading centre for the commercialization of the emerging bioeconomy's new products. The investment can include a wide range of technologies and end products with climate relevance as the common denominator”, says Pia Sandvik, CEO of RISE.

In a first phase, RISE will build a flexible pilot hall with a variety of different test beds. The plan is to build the pilot hall in Örnsköldsvik, in order to create the greatest synergies with existing infrastructure and existing research environments. The goal is to establish a world-class innovation environment where companies, researchers and entrepreneurs in the bioeconomy can meet. In addition to the infrastructure and operator strength provided by RISE, it will be possible for companies to set up their own pilot equipment and station staff in the dynamic innovation environment consisting of labs, pilots, offices and meeting places.

“To identify what infrastructure is needed, we will initially listen with big ears to get the business, academia, entrepreneurs and institutes' picture of which technologies are closest to commercialization and what they need to reach full production scale as soon as possible. The key word here is making business from all the promising development work that already exists”, says Magnus Hallberg, head of the Bioeconomy and Health division at RISE.

“We will also identify how the rest of RISE research infrastructure in the bioeconomy area fits into this new centre and review any development needs together with customers and partners.”

RISE has recruited Clas Engström as project manager for the initiative.

“I am convinced that Clas with his solid knowledge, experience and network in the biorefinery area is the right person to lead this important project”, says Magnus Hallberg.

Source: RISE