Cepi views on the new EU Forest Strategy for 2030

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The Confederation of European Paper Industries wishes to comment on the New EU Forest Strategy for 2030, raise some questions and propose actions on the way forward.

Keeping healthy and growing forests and making the most efficient use of forest resources are key objectives of the European pulp and paper industry, who sources 90% of the wood it uses in the EU. Sustainable forest management enhances the multiple environmental, social and economic functions of forests, including the supply of high-quality fresh fibre for the industry. The industry is also a frontrunner in driving the transition towards a circular bioeconomy: 67% of the fibres used in pulp and paper manufacturing come from recycling and industrial residues, while wood from silvicultural measures and final felling account for respectively 11% and 22% of the sourcing of fibres. Fibre-based products provide a wide variety of solutions for diverse societal needs, from hygiene products to packaging and textiles, while replacing fossil-based and more CO2-intensive materials.

As the new Forest Strategy aims to unlock the potential of forests under the European Green Deal, it is essential that its implementation does not undermine the contribution of forests and the forest-based value chains as a whole and that it makes full use of the long-standing knowledge and expertise of EU Member States on sustainable forest management. T


Source: Cepi


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