Innovation in the UK Paper Sector

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The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) is pleased to publish its new report highlighting innovation in the UK Paper Industry.  

During the Coronavirus pandemic the UK’s Paper-based Industries were recognised as essential and played a key role in the national effort against the virus. We supported the production and distribution of food, medical and hygiene products and secured vital supplies of recycled materials so that our sustainable manufacturing operations could continue.  

As we move forward and look towards economic recovery for the UK, the Paper-based Industries want to be at the heart of this, working with the Government to develop the future industrial strategy, driving clean growth for a post-COVID Britain, which is also embarking on a new era of economic sovereignty outside of the European Union.

Regardless of COVID, the environment remains at the heart of Government policy formation on a national and international level. The world is moving towards a circular economy based on renewable resources, the merits of paper are being increasingly recognised. This new report by CPI highlights innovation throughout the industry, showcasing a range of impressive ideas which have been turned into commercial reality in manufacturing sites across the country.  

There are some brilliant examples of innovation in the Paper Industry, building on an established collection network to recover used paper, paper mills turning fibre into paper and conversion sites making products ready for use.  These examples show what a fantastic asset the industry already is.  Moving forward there is still much more that the industry can do. 

This report also suggests a series of policies which would support further innovation in the sector and enable the UK Paper Industry to deliver a plethora of new and improved products.  Critically many of these ideas draw on an underused asset – paper collected for recycling.   CPI believes that the industry can lead the way in the new bio-based economy if the quality of paper for recycling can be significantly improved. 

CPI has been encouraged by the Government’s increased support for UK based Research & Development.  We welcome the opportunity to develop new partnerships for those interested in paper, whether that be those with existing knowledge or people who are new to the sector.

Andrew Large, Director General of CPI said, 

“I am delighted to present the Confederation of Paper Industries’ latest report on innovation in the industry. 

In recent years there has been a move towards renewable resources and the UK Paper Industry is at the heart of this agenda.   A growing bioeconomy presents huge opportunities for the UK Paper Industry and we want to work alongside government to unleash the industry’s potential.  

This report highlights some of the existing examples of innovation.  There is potential to go much further.  To deliver this there needs to be a focus on continued innovation, skills and investment. 

As we work towards COVID recovery, the UK’s Paper-based Industries hope to work with Government and drive clean growth and sustainable jobs for the future.”

I hope that this report is of interest.  As an organisation we welcome the opportunity to discuss new ideas and partnerships. I look forward to hearing from our stakeholders in relation to this report.”

An online version of the Innovation Report is available here.

CPI is the leading trade association representing the UK’s Paper-based Industries, comprising paper and board manufacturers and converters, corrugated packaging producers, makers of soft tissue papers, and collectors of paper for recycling.

CPI represents an industry with an aggregate annual turnover of £12 billion, with 62,000 direct and a further 100,000 indirect employees.

Source : The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI)