Metsä Group's Kemi Bioproduct Mill Restarts After Gas Explosion

Source: Metsä Group

International News
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Metsä Group's Kemi bioproduct mill has successfully resumed production following a phased restart.

This comes after comprehensive repair work was undertaken due to a gas explosion in the mill's evaporation plant in March. In addition to the necessary repairs, the mill utilized the production shutdown period to complete other annual maintenance tasks.

Although the mill has returned to operation, Metsä Group has planned to fully replace the units damaged in the explosion at a later, undetermined date to ensure the high usability and intended lifespan of the evaporation plant. Currently, the bioproduct mill is focused on ramping up production in accordance with its start-up plan.

Metsä Fibre, a key business within Metsä Group, operates the Kemi bioproduct mill. This division is responsible for producing pulp, sawn timber, and various other bioproducts, including biochemicals and bioenergy, all derived from northern wood.