Ministry of Industry and Trade of the RF: Priority Investment Project of APPM “Board Production Rebuild” is officially completed

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On December 29, 2020 the Minister of Industry and Trade of the RF Denis Manturov signed an order, according to which the Priority Investment Project (PIP) in the field of forest exploitation of Arkhangelsk PPM, included into the list of priority investment projects in the field of forest exploitation by the order of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation dated July 1, 2008 No. 10 “On incorporation of the investment project into the list of priority investment projects in the field of forest exploitation” is considered to be completed.

This PIP of Arkhangelsk PPM was implemented in 2008- 2020. Investments amounted to 18.8 bln. rubles. Payback period is planned for 2023.

“It is definitely a breakthrough investment project, and I am glad that it is implemented in our particular region, at one of the leading enterprises of forest industry complex not only in Arkhangelsk region but in the whole country, - said the governor of Arkhangelsk region Aleksandr Tsybul’skiy during commenting on the significant for region event. – It is worth mentioning that implementation of APPM project is intended not only for the increase of enterprise output, growth of output volumes, but for the reduction of negative impact on the environment. The company is one of the leaders in the region in investments to environmental protection measures”.

On September 11, 2020 the Minister of Industry and Trade of the RF Denis Manturov took part in official ceremony of opening of new evaporation station Valmet at Arkhangelsk PPM at a cost of 6.5 bln. rubles. The startup of the new object completed PIP of the company.

“Primary objective of our investment project was a decrease of self-cost of the output wood free kraftliner without degradation in performance, - outlines the Member of the Board of Directors of Arkhangelsk PPM, Investment Director of Pulp Mill Holding Vladimir Krupchak. – It will give the possibility for the company to maintain competitive advantage in domestic and foreign markets of container board in a competitive environment with producers of chip board and to reduce the costs for finished products output with regard to consumption of energy, chemicals, reduction of consumption rate of raw material for finished products output and alteration in composition of wood pulp due to an increase of the part of cheaper semi-product”.

Vladimir Krupchak also pointed out that in 2021 total amount of pulp and semi-chemical pulp cooking at APPM will exceed one million tons per year. The mill will join the ranks of industrial producers of 1 mln. tons.

As it was mentioned before, in the context of development strategy of APPM and the whole Holding, more than 100 bln. rubles will be invested into production development before 2025.

However, with output growth the company intends to reduce negative impact on the environment significantly: reduce water consumption by 50%, reduce emissions by 65%, discharges – by 75%, greenhouse gases СО2eq. (1%) – by 18 thousand tons in relation to the terms of the beginning of production rebuild.

Source: Arkhangelsk Pulp & Paper Mill