Mondi Enhances Wastewater Treatment at Major Czech Mill

Source: Mondi

International News
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Mondi, committed to reducing water use and increasing recycling, operates its largest industrial wastewater treatment plant at its Štĕtí mill in the Czech Republic.

This plant is the second largest in the country, with a treatment capacity equivalent to a population of 600,000 based on municipal wastewater.

The Štĕtí mill's wastewater plant treats not only industrial effluent from pulp and paper production, but also accepts municipal wastewater from surrounding communities. Combining these waste streams creates synergies, as the municipal wastewater contains organic nutrients that enhance the treatment process.

In 2023, Mondi evaluated further technical upgrades at the plant and installed new screening systems. Plans are in place to modernize the activation tanks and other infrastructure to improve efficiency and ensure the treatment processes keep pace with increasing production and evolving environmental standards.

This wastewater treatment approach exemplifies Mondi's commitment to responsible water stewardship across its operations. All production wastewater is treated on-site and/or off-site before being discharged to meet regulatory requirements and protect the aquatic environment.

By continuously enhancing its treatment facilities, Mondi aims to reduce its water footprint and environmental impact as the Štĕtí mill, a major pulp and paper supplier, expands production capabilities to meet market demand sustainably.

About Mondi Štĕtí:
Mondi Štĕtí is a dynamic hub focused on producing sustainable, high-quality paper materials, with safety, health and customer/employee satisfaction as top priorities. It is the largest paper and pulp producer in the Czech market and a major European supplier of paper bags within the Mondi Group.