Nippon Paper Starts Supplying Paper Straws to Restaurants

International News

An environmentally sustainable solution for restaurants and cafes in Kasai Rinkai Park

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. (President: Fumio Manoshiro; hereinafter the "Company") is pleased to announce that it provides with paper straws the cafes & restaurants operated by Zetton Inc. (President: Nobunori Suzuki; headquartered: Minato-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter "Zetton") including PARKLIFE CAFE&RESTAURANT at Kasai Rinkai Park in Tokyo, Garden Restaurant Tokugawaen in Nagoya, and so on. The Company put paper straws on the market in April this year, and Zetton has been the first customer who chose the Company's paper straws in the food service industry.

Under the corporate principle of "Good people make good restaurants. Good restaurants make people happy in society." , Zetton attaches importance to good services considering cutomer's viewpoint. Under this principles, Zetton operates Aloha Table, a popular Hawaiian café & diner chain, and many varieties of other restaurant chains. Zetton is focused on environmental protection initiatives, including the elimination of disposable plastics as part of its efforts to achieve environmental sustainability under the mid-term business plan, "zetton VISION 19to23." The Company's paper straws chosen by Zetton's restaurants are, of course, made from paper, which is highly biodegradable, manufactured in Japan and developed in pursuit of high functionality and safety.

The Company and Zetton will conduct a joint survey asking customers how they feel about paper straws at those restaurants, which are placed as pilots outlets for paper straws. By utilizing the results of this surevey, they will explore possibilities for introducing the paper straws in all Zetton's cafes & restaurants and raise people's awareness regarding paper straws.

Under the slogan of "Let paper do what it can do," the Company is developing paperising solutions that help resolve social issues. The development and marketing of paper straws are part of this initiatives. Moreover, in addition to paper straws, the Company will expand possibilities of "Paper" in many varieties of fields.

Source: Nippon Paper