Norske Skog: Extended Production Suspension Expected for Saugbrugs' SC Paper Machine PM 6

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Norske Skog, a paper manufacturing company, has reported that their SC paper machine PM 6, which has an annual production capacity of 260,000 tons, is projected to be inoperable for an extended duration.

The reason behind this extended shutdown is the significant damage inflicted upon the building that houses PM 6, as well as a portion of the machinery used in its operations.

The exact extent of the damage caused by the landslide is still being assessed. Evaluations are being conducted to determine the magnitude of the damage and the resulting consequences. It is likely that the evaluation process involves a thorough examination of the affected infrastructure and equipment to determine the repairs required and the timeline for restoring the paper machine to operational status.

Given the substantial damage incurred by the building and machinery, it is expected that the production halt will persist for a considerable period. The company may need to undertake extensive repairs or even rebuild certain parts of the infrastructure. The specific duration of the shutdown will depend on the findings of the evaluation and the subsequent actions taken by Norske Skog to address the damage.