Rottneros invests for significantly increased production of CTMP

Rottneros plans to increase its production capacity from 125,000 tonnes to around 165,000 yearly at a relatively low investment cost. The expansion is expected to be operational by 2024.

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Rottneros’ Board of Directors has decided to invest approximately 180 million SEK to significantly expand the production capacity of CTMP pulp at Rottneros Mill.

It will thus increase from today's 125 thousand tonnes to approximately 165 thousand tonnes at a relatively low investment cost. The investment is planned to be operational in 2024.

The additional volume of CTMP pulp is primarily intended for the growing market segments of board and packaging as well as tissue. Given the low investment cost per tonne, Rottneros strengthens its long-term competitiveness in the growing CTMP market.

"The decision to significantly increase capacity within CTMP is a milestone in the continued development of the Rottneros Group as a leading niche player in the global pulp industry. It is also an aggressive next step in the structural transformation of Rottneros Mill after the decommissioning of the groundwood pulp line. We assess that the future profitability conditions for CTMP are very good, not least through the steadily growing demand for packaging, which is one of the most important application areas," says Lennart Eberleh, Rottneros’ President and CEO.

ource: Rottneros