Segezha Group and Bellmer to build new paper machine at major production site in Vologda Region

International News

Segezha Group (a subsidiary of Sistema PJSFC) and machine manufacturer Bellmer have agreed to build a new paper machine at the Group’s paper factory in Sokol, Vologda Region. The new machine will come online in 2023.

This project is part of Segezha’s attempts to modernize paper production at its Sokol factory and will increase the Group’s paper output capacity fourfold, from 20 to 80 thousand tonnes per year. Segezha’s total investment in the project stands at over RUB 11 billion. Bellmer will design and manufacture a range of equipment used to produce environmentally friendly unbleached greaseproof paper. The project has paid considerable attention to environmental concerns and the idea of a circular economy. As such, a modern sewage treatment plant is to be constructed, easing pressure on public sewage facilities and minimising the Company’s environmental impact. The construction of the new paper machine will be carried out in accordance with the Agreement for the Protection and Promotion of Investments, signed in December 2020 by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Segezha Group and Vologda Region.

This project will create more than 100 new jobs and bring in around RUB1.6 billion in tax revenues annually to the regional budget. It will also help Segezha Group increase its production of both its import-substituting and competitive export-orientated goods.

Source: Segezha