Segezha Packaging Receives EcoVadis Silver Rating

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Segezha Packaging (Arka Merchants Ltd. holding company), the European assets of Segezha Group (forming part of Sistema JSFC) that manufactures paper packaging, have been awarded for the second consecuitive year with the silver rating from EcoVadis - international platform, which surveys the condition of corporate, social and environmental responsibility programs.

The assessment for the reporting year 2018 was carried out in 4 thematic groups of corporate social responsibility as follows: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. During the survey process, the experts examined the company’s strategies in the area of CSR, the measures taken and the results these measures led to.

“According to audit results, our assets have once again achieved the silver level and earned the maximum 60 points for this level, having improved last year’s indicators by 5 points in the areas of Environment, Sustainable Procurement, as well as in other segments” said Rinat Stark, Executive Director of Segezha Packaging. “A year ago, having analyzed the results of the first audit, we at Segezha Packaging determined the improvement areas for our CSR practices. We have successfully implemented different CSR activities across our locations and can be proud of high indicators that we have achieved.”

The EcoVadis system is aimed at improving the performance of organizations in the areas of environmental protection, business ethics and introduction of global supply chains. The methodology is based on international CSR standards, including the principles of the UN Global Compact, the International Labor Organization (ILO) convention, the Global Reporting Initiative standard (GRI), the standard of sustainable development ISO 26000 and the CERES principles (Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies).

According to ISO 26000, CSR is defined as “the responsibility of an organization for the impact its decisions and activities have on the society and the environment, through transparent and ethical behavior that is consistent with sustainable development, including the issues of societal welfare; takes into account the stakeholders’ expectations; it is a system in compliance with applicable laws and consistent with the international norms of behavior; which is integrated throughout the organization and practiced in its relationships.”

EcoVadis experts especially noted lower levels of CO2 emissions achieved by the company and published in the Carbon Footprint Report, and the UN Global Compact Communication on Progress as part of the United Nations Global Compact initiative.

Source: Segezha