Vietnam Paper Industry Urged to Shift to High-Quality Packaging Production Amid Oversupply of Normal Packaging


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The Vietnam Paper and Pulp Association has called for the paper industry to shift its focus from the production of normal packaging to high-quality packaging paper, which is still mostly imported.

With supply exceeding demand, Dang Van Son, the association's vice president and general secretary, has stated that investing in other items such as high-quality packaging paper is necessary.The industry, which has been growing by over 10% annually in recent years to produce nearly 10 million tonnes a year, is facing difficulties due to a decrease in demand in both the domestic and export markets. Despite being one of the largest packaging paper producers in Southeast Asia, Vietnam spends billions of dollars to import high-quality packaging, coated, and other technical paper varieties. The industry is urged to foster cooperation between academia and industry to ensure skilled human resources and address the lack of raw materials.

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