From Forest to Farm: Resolute Reduces Waste through Land Spreading

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Did you know that waste from pulp and paper production can be useful to farmers in our communities?

Agricultural land spreading is one important way Resolute diverts waste from our operations. Certain waste products, such as organic waste, dehydrated sludge, and wood ash are rich in nutrients that promote plant growth, like phosphorous and nitrogen. Instead of being sent to landfills, these materials can be spread on agricultural land to fertilize the soil. 

In 2020, Resolute diverted 28% of our pulp, paper and tissue mill residues to beneficial uses, most of which was land spreading. For example, sludge from paper production can be dehydrated, pressed, and provided to local farmers for application to their crops. Our Thunder Bay (Ontario) pulp and paper mill has distributed nearly 3,000 metric tons of wood ash produced by our biomass boiler to area farmers, and continues to work with Lakehead University on developing data sets to demonstrate the beneficial use of sludge and ash applications to agricultural fields. In the U.S., our Menominee (Michigan) recycled pulp mill and Grenada (Mississippi) newsprint mill have been repurposing sludge and bark boiler ash, respectively, for land spreading for several years. Each mill works with local contractors to supply nearby farms. The soil is tested and approved by the state. 

By identifying alternative uses for our by-products, we’re minimizing waste, creating value in our communities, and contributing to the circular economy. 

We invite you to learn more by visiting the Waste Management section of Resolute’s corporate website!

Source: The Resolute Blog