Malaysia produces PEFC certified eco-friendly egg trays


Malaysia-based company Teo Seng Paper Products stamped a mark in the local paper industry when it recently became the first company in the country to obtain PEFC chain of custody certification for its eco-friendly egg trays. 

The PEFC certificate enables Teo Seng Paper Products to use the PEFC label on its egg trays as a mark of its compliance to the sustainability requirements of the PEFC Chain of Custody standard. 

The label will not only boost the company’s competitive edge but also reflects its commitment in supporting the national sustainability agenda.

Edan Na, product development executive at Teo Seng Paper Products said the company had been producing sturdy egg trays made of recycled newspapers and corrugated cartons since 1995, in line with its vision to produce sustainable products for the industry. 

At present, the company uses 400 tonnes of recycled paper to produce 6.3 million units of egg trays every month, mainly for local consumption.

New opportunities on new markets

The company sees the PEFC certification not only for the green cause but also as a good marketing tool to penetrate new markets and enhance market presence.

“Currently, most of our egg trays are utilised for our in-house egg brand and sold to local farms. With the PEFC label, we’re gearing up our efforts to enhance our sales and tap into other potential markets,” Mr. Na explained.

“The certification is an important milestone for us, as it is one of the company’s targets in going green. Turning waste papers into an eco-friendly product is our way to help reduce congestion at the already limited dumpsites in our country. It’s our little contribution for Malaysia,” he added.

Congratulating the company, MTCC CEO Yong Teng Koon said the effort by Teo Seng Paper Products to have its paper egg trays certified is commendable and in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.

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Source: PEFC


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