Metsä Group to showcase sustainable forest management in Kirkniemi, Lohja

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Metsä Group is establishing a new demonstration site, called Nemus Futurum, to showcase sustainable forest and nature management in Finland in a way that provides visitors with a unique experience.

The guided experience, taking place in the forests surrounding Kirkniemi Manor, combines nature, science and cutting-edge technology.

At Nemus Futurum, visitors are given extensive information on best practices in managing different kinds of forests. Relying partly on augmented reality technology, the different forest environments are linked to globally topical sustainability themes, from climate change to biodiversity.

“Our stakeholders are broadly interested in the origin of the wood we use and forest management practices. The different forest environments of Nemus Futurum and the modern technology we use there demonstrate why responsible forestry benefits the whole of society,” says Juha Laine, SVP, Communications at Metsä Group.

Nemus Futurum will open in summer 2019. Its main target groups consist of decision-makersand customers invited by Metsä Group. Metsä Group will also arrange annual public events at Nemus Futurum.

Source: Metsä Group