Resolute Highlights: Ensuring the Sustainability of Our Forests


Resolute relies on various forest management techniques and best practices to regenerate harvested woodlands in our care. In fact, in 2018, we received a score of “A-” for our forests disclosures to CDP, the highest score achieved in this category by any company in North America, placing us at the leadership level.

  • What are some of the ways Resolute ensures responsible forest management?
  • What percentage of Resolute-owned or managed woodlands is certified to internationally recognized standards?
  • How is Resolute contributing to the long-term health of the forest products sector?

Visit Resolute Highlights for answers and to learn more about how we’re responsibly managing forests!

Resolute Highlights is a new dedicated microsite that provides an overview of our strategy and business segments, as well as our sustainability commitments and performance.

Source: The Resolute Blog

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