Resolute joins U.S.-based Working Forests Initiative

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To anyone working in the forest products sector, it’s obvious: We plant, grow, sustain and harvest, then we do it all over again.

But it’s not something that is widely understood or talked about.

Resolute is pleased to join the Working Forests Initiative (WFI), which seeks to establish and advance a common understanding of the broad range of environmental, economic and societal benefits generated by working forests, the many sustainable products they provide, and the critical role forests play as a natural climate solution. 

WFI was started by companies and associations across the supply chain, from timberland owners and loggers to manufacturers including lumber, OSB, plywood and engineered wood, as well as pulp and paper. 

Videos, ads and a website support the effort. One video talks about the work that goes into sustaining the cycle of a forest and another offers a personal perspective on stewardship. The latest video in the series shows what it takes to keep forests thriving. The simple and effective messaging in the videos and ads are clear and shareable. 

For more information, visit the WFI website.

Source: The Resolute Blog