UPM Raflatac's Label Life Celebrates 10 Years of Sustainable Labeling

Source: UPM Raflatac

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UPM Raflatac's Label Life service, a comprehensive life cycle assessment (LCA) tool for label evaluation, is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Over the past decade, Label Life has enabled businesses to make informed and environmentally responsible decisions regarding their labeling materials.

The service continuously expands to cover a growing portfolio of sustainable products, now accounting for over 90% of UPM Raflatac's commercial sales volume. This reflects the company's strong commitment to sustainability.

Label Life provides essential environmental information on label materials by calculating their cradle-to-grave impact using standardized LCA methods. Customers receive individual footprints or "product passport prototypes" (PPPs) displaying 25 indicators, as well as focused comparisons of three key metrics: greenhouse gas emissions, energy demand, and water consumption.

This transparent and guided approach facilitates informed decision-making, enabling customers to choose more sustainable labeling options and reduce their overall environmental footprint.

upm 13june24 1Flora D'Souza"For the past decade, our Label Life service has been at the forefront of transforming the labeling industry. We are proud of the positive difference the service has created by empowering our customers to measure the impact of their label materials, make informed, more sustainable choices, and reduce their overall environmental footprint," says Flora D'Souza, Sustainability Manager, Label Life, UPM Raflatac.

In 2023, UPM Raflatac received a certificate of validity from the international assurance service provider DEKRA for its Label Life service. This new validation reinforces the credibility of UPM Raflatac's LCA calculations and supports customers in making better-informed choices, bringing them closer to their own sustainability goals.

The certification sets a new industry standard, further solidifying Label Life's position as a pioneering tool for sustainable labeling over the past 10 years.