Commending ingenuity on Day 1 of CEPI's Paper & Beyond: The 2023 Blue Sky Awards for Young Researchers and Professionals!

Event News
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Cepi, the Confederation of European Paper Industries, is excited to share the outcomes of this year's Blue Sky Awards, highlighting our ongoing dedication to nurturing innovation and resilience in the forest-based sector.

These awards distinguish remarkable achievements in research and development, underscoring our commitment to advancing forest science, innovative products using forest-based materials, and enhancing pulp and paper production processes.

 Blue Sky Young Researchers Award

Kudos to François Bru, Researcher at Centre Technique du Papier/The Pulp and Paper Research & Technical Centre, France. His project "Biomaterial Processing and Products" demonstrates exceptional innovation in our sector. Your work is instrumental in shaping a sustainable future, François!

cepi 29nov23 2

 Blue Sky Pro Young Professionals Award

Congratulations to Brendon de Raad from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences & Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. His project 'Towards a Sustainable Dutch Paper Industry: The Application of Heat Pumps' is a shining example of forward-thinking and sustainable industry practices. Well done, Brendon!

cepi 29nov23 3

These awards symbolize more than individual accomplishments; they reflect the collective endeavor towards a resilient and sustainable forest-based sector.