Mill Safety a Top Priority at PaperWeek 2020

Event News

The Safety Program will run on Tuesday February 4, kickstarting in the morning with 3 mill presentations dedicated to best practices in a Mill environment:

- "Discovery of Combustible Gas in Stock and White Water Systems and Mitigation"
Rick Wasson, Irving Lake Utopia Paper

- "Best practices in Safety – improving your organization’s culture in health & Safety and getting commitment from the employees and upper management"
Jacynthe Curotte, Bell Helicopter

- "Hazard Identification Program at Irving Tissue Saint John"
Allison Bent, JD Irving

The afternoon Safety program will feature a presentation in french focused on Safety Culture.

- "D’un leader à un autre : comment influencer positivement la culture d’entreprise" (En français)
Difficile de faire de réels gains en santé et sécurité du travail (SST) sans en faire une véritable priorité. Pour améliorer durablement vos résultats, changez durablement vos pratiques. En d'autres termes, faites de la SST un élément-clé de votre culture.
Pierre Janelle, Vice-président Fabrication, Kruger Cartonnage

Visit for details on program and registration

Source: PAPTAC


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