Pulp, Paper and Bioproducts Course another success

Event News

Professionals and aspiring professionals in the pulp, paper, and bioproducts industries gathered last week at FPInnovations’ Pointe-Claire, Quebec facility to take part in the company’s largest training exercise — the annual Pulp, Paper, and Bioproducts Course.

By far FPInnovations’ most attended on-site course, participants from Canada and as far away as Brazil registered for workshops, presentations and hands-on demonstrations to further their knowledge of pulp and paper manufacturing and develop an understanding of the bioproducts industry. Each presentation was paired with a lab tour and demonstration.

Held from October 7 to 11 and led by FPInnovations experts in the field, a wide range of participants from engineers and managers to students and vendors took part in the training week.

“The unique combination of lectures, demonstrations, and tours provides participants with the ability to expand their knowledge of the industry within a very short time frame,” explains Xuejun Zou, FPInnovations Pointe-Claire, Quebec manager of fibre production and director of pulp, paper, and bioproducts training courses. “The course also allows participants to see first- hand how FPInnovations supports innovation in these sectors.”

Wide-ranging presentations

Presentations on tissue, hygiene products, and bioproducts proved popular among attendees. The pulp and paper courses ran the gamut from fibre resources and supply, pulping, and the making of a variety of paper products, to the environment, sustainability, and recycling. The bioproducts portion of the course included insight into the making of cellulose filaments (CF), cellulose nanocrystals (CNC), and lignin.

A tour of the pulp and paper pilot plant and its labs, as well as an innovation day held on the last day, were stand-out events. The innovation day included drone and 3D printing demonstrations, which highlighted how technology is being used in the forest industry.

“The course filled the gap between basic knowledge and new technologies and concepts,” said Bruno Ravanello, a research scientist from Klabin, a paper and packaging producer in Brazil. Sarah E. Stockley, a quality assurance and lab coordinator at Mercer Peace River Pulp, said, “I walked away at the end of the course feeling well-versed in all things pulp, paper, and bioproducts.”

Several companies were represented at the course including Alberta Pacific Forest Industries, Mercer International, Millar Western Forest Products, West Fraser, and Klabin,. Participants were also in attendance from Natural Resources Canada and the British Columbia government.

FPInnovations’ all-new Applied Tissue Course will take place from May 12 to 13, 2020. The course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of tissue properties and tissue manufacturing.

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Source: FPInnovations