TAPPI’s FIRST Leadership Virtual Conference invites speakers with Diverse Experience Levels!

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Learn strategies to improve your own leadership skills and develop others – all without leaving your office – at TAPPI’s Leadership Virtual Conference, which is being held November 21-22, 12PM-2:15PM (ET).

TAPPI is pleased to present the sessions and speakers for the first Leadership Virtual Conference. Sessions will focus on closing the knowledge and leadership gaps between new professionals and their experienced colleagues. We’re hoping everyone will leave the virtual conference with added substance to their repertoire.

TAPPI’s Leadership Virtual Conference, aimed at providing strategies that transform new professionals into leaders and make managers better mentors, will have speakers from various backgrounds and skill levels giving attendees real life solutions to the problems and obstacles they’ve faced in their path towards leadership and mentoring the next generation. Attendees can expect honest practical solutions to their real-life problems at the office.

See the speakers ushering in the inaugural virtual conference below:

Sessions & Speakers

Session 1: Preparing Leadership to Develop the Experience Gap in the Up and Coming Pool

Moderator:  Jack Bray (Manufacturing Leadership, Sawgrass Horizon LLC)
Speakers:  John Dejarnette (R&D Senior Researcher, WestRock); Kurt Mehlberg, Domtar

Brianah Morse (Manufacturing Engineer, Georgia-Pacific), “I’ve found that challenges and change of environment are the best avenues for growth in all areas of one’s life. For pressure is what produces the best signature of one’s true self.”

Session 2:  Recognizing Opportunities to Showcase Leadership Skills

Moderator:  Mary Elliston, Sonoco Products Company
Speakers:  John Baron, Solenis; Tim Hagenbuch, Western Michigan University; Cydney Rechtin, Solenis

Session 3:  Resourcing Projects to Showcase Leadership Skills

Moderator:  Jay Stockard, Fisher Arnold
Speakers:  Marcina Rogers, International Paper; Steve Smith, Domtar;

Mike Subilia (Process Engineer, Domtar), “throughout my career the focus has been on Continuous Improvement and structured problem solving approaches to engage the work force and generate sustainable root cause solutions. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with all levels of an organization and being a part of improving the process, striving to grow people to their full potential.”

Session 4:  Knowledge Transfer Techniques to Meet the Challenge of the Silver Tsunami

Moderator:  Chris Luettgen, Georgia Institute of Technology
Speakers:  Mike Kocurek, North Carolina State University; Matthew Kollman, North Carolina State University; Jennifer Wooley, Georgia Institute of Technology

“Dr. Michael Kocurek is one of the most recognized instructors in the industry. He'll share his 50+ years of experience and collection of more than 2,000 visuals at this comprehensive training,” says Kristin Whitman (Web Marketing Specialist, TAPPI).

Early registrants receive pre-event access to the event forum to exchange articles and thoughts.

All attendees will receive an event an e-book filled with the conference insights post-event. If you cannot attend live, you will still receive both.

Students can now register for free thanks to valued sponsor JACOBS. Please contact Lisa Lockwood at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. redeem free student registration or to find out about sponsorship opportunities.

Learn how to show up every day ready to bring your best and inspire others. Register today to reserve your space at www.tappi.org/LVC

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