Timely Panels at BIOFOR Int’l during PaperWeek Virtual 2021

Event News

For the 5th year, the BIOFOR Conference, which focuses on the forest bioeconomy, will be an integral part of the PaperWeek Program.

With 3 high level Panels dedicated to Forest Digitalization, the Driving Force of Hydrogen and the Strength of Superclusters, participants will have the opportunity to learn from experts in the advancement of the global forest bioeconomy.

BIOFOR PANEL 1 - Tuesday February 9, 09:00 ET
“Benefits and Challenges of Digitalization in the Forest Industry”

eventNews1 29jan21 2

BIOFOR PANEL 2 - Tuesday February 9, 14:00 ET
“Hydrogen – A driver for Sustainable and Diversified Bioeconomy”

eventNews1 29jan21 3

BIOFOR PANEL 3 - Wednesday February 10, 10:00 ET
“Strengthening the Bioeconomy through the Development of Clusters and Superclusters”

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Source: PAPTAC