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Canada’s forest industry – Adapting, diversifying, innovating

The long-term prospects for the forestry industry have rarely been brighter, with the potential to create enduring prosperity for communities across the country.

That's because it's poised to play a central role in some of the key issues facing Canadians: combating climate change, driving innovation, creating economic opportunities for Indigenous and rural communities and advancing trade.

In recent years, the sector has transformed itself into one of the most innovative parts of our economy. Today, wood is in everything from car parts to cosmetics, from 18-storey tall wood buildings to sweetening our foods.

Few areas hold more promise than the bioeconomy, which Canada's foresters are ideally positioned to lead.

While the short-term has its share of challenges, the future has never looked brighter. I can't wait to see what the next year will bring.

Honourable Jim Carr,
Canada's Minister of Natural Resources



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