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Luigi Lazzareschi - Keynote Speaker at PWC 2018

Sofidel is a multinational operating in the tissue paper industry, and is the second player in Europe. Headquartered in Porcari, Italy, its sustainable growth strategy is completely in line with "building an inclusive, sustainable and resilient future for people and planet", the aim of the United Nations (UN) through the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Along with environmental and social sustainability, innovation and market proximity are Sofidel's major growth factors.

Sofidel's goal is to implement more efficient industrial processes, and to manufacture more performing products with an ever-shrinking environmental impact, containing ever-lower levels of natural capital, like cellulose, water and energy. This means the creation of shared value for Sofidel's stakeholders along the entire value creation chain.

Today these goals are part of a wider scenario in which companies are asked to face three new big challenges, destined to deeply transform also the tissue paper industry, such as industrial automation (Industry 4.0), digitalization and retail revolution.

Luigi Lazzareschi is a Keynote Presenter at the PaperWeek BusinessLuncheon on Wednesday February 7th. His presentation will lead the Tissue Masters' sessionsfollowing the luncheon, as part of the Papermaking Program. Mr. Lazzareschi will take this opportunity to provide his views as a major producer in the tissue sector.



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