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Insider knowledge within layers of tissue

This year, tissue professionals addressed a wide range of issues at PaperWeek 2018. From production, operations optimization to recent research and technology developments, there was something for everyone in this session, which underscored the domestic and international importance of the sector.

Marco Pescantin. © Paper Advance

Marco Pescantin, Application Engineer and Principal at Quattro Paper Technologies introduced the panelists. Marco Pescantin holds a degree in Chemical Engineering and Paper Science from the University of Ancona in Italy. His professional experience in the pulp and paper industry spans over 25 years and has devoted his career to papermaking, process design and plant optimization. His expertise on various subjects including recycled fibres and tissue making is well regarded.

Klaus Gissing. © Paper Advance

Klaus Gissing of Andritz presented an update on the new Tissue Innovation & Application Center (TIAC), and Andritz's new Tissue Pilot Plant in Graz, Austria. Gissing noted the challenges imposed by simultaneous demand from the tissue industry and limited fibre, water and energy resources, as well as the numerous differences in paper technologies across geographical regions. Andritz's vision is "to develop and realize, together with our customers' new solutions for tissue production that create added value for all stakeholders involved in the tissue-making process." With this objective in mind, the company built a pilot facility capable of testing eight different configurations on one machine. This flexibility allows clients to run trials on what could be a future dry-creped, textured or structured tissue machine. For Andritz, the goal of the investment this plant plant was to build an exclusive tissue complex and "the world's most modern pilot plant." The centre is meant to bring together all actors across the supply chain to realize the tissue solutions of tomorrow.

Lucyna Pawlowska. © Paper Advance

In a presentation entitled ''New Alternative Wet Strength Technology for Towel Production', Lucyna Pawlowska of Kemira Chemicals described his company's work in this area. The chemist and process application specialist represents Kemira North America and works closely with Kemira's sales and R&D to facilitate product development and chemical product introduction into the papermaking process. She specializes in the wet-end chemistry of papermaking process and tissue creping aids applications. Her presentation provided an overview of the industry's approach over the last 35 years of producing without any alternative for permanent wet strength polyamidoamine epichlorohydrin (PWS-PAE) in the development of wet strength in towel grades. Now, an alternative wet strength technology based on a novel glyoxalated polyacrylamide (GPAM) can be used in combination with a strength activator for the production of temporary wet strength towel grades under alkaline pH conditions. "TWS-GPAM used in combination with the strength activator can reduce and even eliminate PWS-PAE application for certain towel grades." There are a number of other value-added benefits offered by this technology, including, according to Pawlowska, the ability "to explore which grades require permanent or temporary wet strength technology based on consumer needs, environmental requirements, and process operating efficiency."

Soren Eriksson. © Paper Advance

Soren Eriksson of Valmet described trends in tissue markets and in associated technologies for new machines and rebuilds. On the international level, the tissue market situation is active and stable, and there is "demand for new tissue machines in all markets and particularly an increasing demand for large scope of supply in all markets." Eriksson also discussed three tissue machine technologies from Valmet that are "covering the whole product range," each intended for a different use: plain tissue, plain and textured tissue and structured tissue making.

Mathieu Régnier, Journalist,
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