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The future for the Canadian forest industry is very bright

Paper Advance had the exclusive opportunity to interview The Honourable Minister of Natural Resources, James Carr.

Minister Carr's view of the future for Canada's bioeconomy and what it will mean to the forestry industry, can only be described as unflinchingly positive. Motivated to encourage and excite the private sector around the Government's commitment to the industry's transformation, Minister Carr gave nod to the Government's significant investments in the industry, and signalled that there will be more to come.

Minister Carr noted that while leadership ultimately needs to come from the entrepreneurs and innovators who are the face of the industry, he had a clear message for them: through the Bioeconomy Framework for Canada and other programmes, the government is a willing, ready and able partner in the inevitable bioeconomy transformation.

Minister Carr highlighted the spirit of collaboration between federal and provincial levels of government and noted that despite regional differences, there is an indisputably a shared national interest in supporting the development of the bioeconomy. He signalled his government's understanding and respect for the fact that provinces play a paramount role in this development – not only do they own roughly 90% of the forested land in Canada, they have a keen interest in ensuring its sustainability. Minister Carr noted that he views the federal role as adding value to the good work the provinces are already doing, and supporting them through cooperation.

The Minister also acknowledged the importance of human resources in addition to natural ones. The successful transition to a bioeconomy requires a sufficient number of workers to support it. In this vein Minister Carr stressed the importance of training and education to ensure and secure the industry's future, which will require support for talent development in younger generations. "I think that in the next couple of years there will be a real focus on developing the skills necessary to ensure the transformation into the bioeconomy. I see the future as very bright," Minister Carr noted.


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