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The bioeconomy creates opportunities both in Canada and abroad

Paper Advance had the opportunity to interview John Kozij, Director General of Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada, during BIOFOR 2018.

Paper Advance: Which are your expectations from the Forest Bioeconomy Framework for Canada?

John Kozij: I think our next steps from the federal government are twofold, one is to drill down into each of these elements to see where we can make progress and to generate some private sector content and direction that can help us to bring the bioeconomy forward. The second path is really around the need for a federal strategy so we will be working very closely with the Department of Agriculture - because we are both biomass providers at the end of the day - and to see how we can work together

PA: What are the next steps for the Framework?

John Kozij: We argue that it is important to have transforming elements as a part of an action plan so we need transforming programmes together with the private sector and the provinces to support the development. We have already invested in projects in different sectors of the bioeconomy. The other part of it is that we have been involved in promoting tall wood buildings, doing demo projects with Brook Commons and others, to demonstrate the strength and ability for wood buildings to go taller. So we are involved but we want to become even more involved in developing a strategy together with different partners.

PA: Do you see opportunities in bioeconomy development for export businesses?

John Kozij: We are heavily dependent on the softwood sawn timber trade with the U.S., but we are also involved in creating a wood building culture in Japan, South Korea and China. That being said, those countries are interested in how to 'get taller' when building with wood, as well ways to deal with carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. The more we build in wood, the better. We are quite excited about the opportunities this creates for our export markets.


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