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The Missing Link Between Strategy and Performance

Why do most companies only realize 60% of their strategic plan? Often, their goals are too complicated and are missing a crucial link between strategy and performance.

"Most companies are often undermanaged and overled," suggested Jacques Woods, owner of WONpager Strategies. This results in an overcomplicated strategic plan that is too complex to implement.

It was in response to this that Woods developed his own plan to simplify strategies and optimize performance while helping companies become more agile. "Companies need a clear strategy in fast-changing environments," he said. To help companies move towards this mindset, Woods focuses on closing the gap between strategy and performance.

To get people into play, companies need to empower their number one asset: people. To do so, leaders need to be identified and motivated, Woods noted. Autocratic, entrepreneurial, expert, collegial and influential leaders exist, but what if one person can be all those leaders at different times? Woods challenged. "Leaders can be built by opportunities, but the greatest leaders adjust to people," he noted.

Once identified, leaders can be tasked with accomplishing specific tasks that are defined in clear and simply a one-page plan.

This simplified strategic plan helps companies remain focused on their most important issues and goals. It also triggers a culture shift where all leaders can focus on simple goals and objectives, while taking responsibility for actions. "It facilitates real-time communication," notes Woods.

For Alain Robichaud, VP for Englobe Treatment Centers, Quebec's biggest composting operator and Soil treatment company, this tool helped make expertise come together. "We needed to adapt and rethink what we do," he said.

The WONpager tool not only helped clarify organization's mission and make it accessible and easily understood by all, it helped identify clear goals. The tool also enables personal development plans for every leader within a company, providing a sense of autonomy and achievement.


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