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PAPTAC continues to deliver timely and topic-focused webinars as a learning forum through its technical communities

PAPTAC's ever-popular series of webinars relating to topics ranging from papermaking technology, energy, environment, management, pulping, etc. continue to enhance our members' professional development, as well as engage them in their peer communities, all with easy access from one's office or the mill's training room.

This compelling mix of training topics permitted members to deepen their knowledge and strengthen their capabilities and expertise as well as measure and track impacts the knowledge gained had on their particular business model.

We are pleased with the progression of this webinars and their level of attendance from mills. PAPTAC's Executive Council would like to see a yearly calendar being put out so that mill can plan their participation in advance as per their areas of interest.

The webinars are also helping us build a digital library that will help us deliver, in the near future, a more readily accessible, secure, continued high quality training experience that's available when and how it's most convenient for our members.
Our vision and goals reflect our long-term focus to our core mission of improving the technical and professional capabilities of our members worldwide, creating value, and to the advancement of the pulp and paper industry.

Our webinars are a membership benefit for as little as $175/year in annual dues or can be purchased for as $50.00/person/webinar for non-members.

In 2016 we delivered 9 one-hour webinars

  • Maximizing Profits in P&P through Process Integration
  • On-line Kappa Measurement
  • Assessing Potential Risk of Mill Process Changes on Biotreatment Health
  • Spreading
  • Threading – Recapturing Lost Capacity with Optimized Threading
  • How to Move the Culture to Interdependency
  • An Introduction to HPI
  • Wrinkling
  • Retention Programs

In 2015 we delivered 9 one-hour webinars and sponsored, through our PMTC Community, a technical Day at Innofibre in Trois-Rivières

  • Wet-End Chemistry Fundamentals
  • Enroulage et bobinage
  • Consistency – Best practices
  • CD Control Concepts & Troubleshooting
  • Impact of MechanicalPulping on Paper Machine Wet End Chemistry, Runnability and Paper Quality
  • Innofibre PMTC Activity Day and Webinars
  • Best Practices – Wet End Starch Applications
  • Best Practices – Foils & Covers
  • Best Practices – Save All Operations
  • Best Practices – Consistency: How to Measure & Control


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