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PAPTAC Webinar : Opportunities for advanced biofuels and energy products from wood residues

Organized by the PAPTAC Energy Commitee

WHEN:  November 27, 2018 - 13:00 – 14:00 ET

SPEAKER: Fernando Preto, CanmetENERGY

REGISTRATION: Free for PAPTAC members / 50 $ for non-members

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Can you run an airplane on wood residues? Forest industry residues are potential feedstocks for production of many advanced biofuels and energy products. In addition to offering opportunities for new low carbon products, conversion of low quality residues minimizes resource underutilization, thus optimizing forest sector operations.
This webinar will review the current state-of-the art for production of advanced transportation fuels including renewable diesel, renewable natural gas (RNG) and biojet. Gasification, pyrolysis, hydrothermal liquefaction and even carbonization will be explored as biorefinery processes for turning forest residues into valuable energy products.

Dr. Fernando Preto is the Team Leader for Biomass Conversion at CanmetENERGY-Ottawa laboratories of Natural Resources Canada. He has also served as Executive Director of The Canadian Bioenergy Association. Since obtaining his PhD in Chemical Engineering from Queens University at Kingston he has been instrumental in advancing bioenergy developments in Canada and bringing together industry, government, and academic stakeholders from the agriculture, forestry, and energy sectors. In addition to his research and project work, Dr. Preto has extensive knowledge and experience of the factors and regulations impacting bioenergy development domestically and internationally. He has carried out numerous techno-economic assessments, developed a market-based economic approach suitable for evaluating biorefinery technologies and served as a task force member for the Forest Products Association of Canada's Biopathways initiative.


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