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Safety Track on Tuesday Feb. 5 at PaperWeek 2019

PaperWeek 2019 will be held the week of February 4th at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal.

Health & Safety are cornerstones of our industry, and PaperWeek will again present a complete track with timely presentations from experts in the field.

The Safety track will run Tuesday February 5 with three dedicated sessions to cover important aspects such as Human Performance Improvement (HPI), H&S culture and leadership, as well as social and psychological issues in the workplace.

Shane Bush will come and present what Human Performance Improvement (HPI) is all about. Statistics and results of other organizations/companies, who have already implemented this process, will be discussed. Attendees will hear about the HPI tools and defenses that are intended to reduce individual error rates, but more importantly reduce the "Consequences" of errors at critical steps.

It is difficult to make real gains in health and safety (H&S) without making it a top priority. In order to make sustainable results improvements, an organization needs to sustainably change its practices. In other words, making H&S a key driver within your corporate culture.
Pierre Janelle, Vice President ? Operations and Asset Management, Kruger Energy

"Health and Safety Investigation Process - the Domtar Windsor Approach"
Michel Paquette, Domtar Windsor

"Counter employee distress: how to create a safe, healthy social and psychological climate in the workplace"
Caroline Biron, Laval University

Visit www.paperweekcanada.ca for details on program and registration

Source: PAPTAC


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