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Nanocellulose Research Symposium - Thursday, February 8

We are pleased to collaborate with FPInnovations in the presentation of a Nanocellulose Research Symposium in conjunction with PaperWeek.

Six key challenges were identified in the value-added products derived from CNC and forest resources and the symposium will describe each of the challenges and report their early results.

8:30 ''FPInnovations Nanocellulose Challenges – History and Context''
Jean Hamel, FPInnovations
8:50 ''Effects of aqueous suspension properties on the atomization and dispersibility of spray dried cellulose nanocrystallite granules''
Yussef Esparza, Alberta University
9:20 ''Dispersion of Cellulose Nanocrystals in Aqueous Media''
Nishil Mohammed, University of Waterloo
10:30 ''Modification of CNC surfaces to tailor interfacial tension and dispersibility''
Michael Cunningham, Queen's University
11:00 ''Reinforcing effect of Cellulose Nanocrystals on Polyamide-6 polymeric nano-composite films and electrospun composite nano-fiber yarns''
Cagri Ayranci, Alberta University
11:30 ''Enhanced optoelectronic properties of CNC-organic semiconductor blends through unusual morphological ordering''
Karthik Shankar, Alberta University

13:30 ''Using CNCs as Adhesive Property Modifiers via In-situ Emulsion Polymerization''
Marc Dubé, University of Ottawa
14:00 ''Studying and Improving the Thermal Stability of Cellulose Nanocrystals (CNCs) and Cellulose Filaments (CFs)''
Mark MacLachlan, University of British Columbia
14:30 ''Understanding, Enhancing, and Characterizing CNCs Dispersion in Non-polar Media''
Jason Tavares, Charles Bruel and Dhiriti Khandal, Polytechnique Montreal

Visit www.paperweekcanada.ca for details on program and registration


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