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Our Outside Voice series highlights the perspectives of stakeholders and leaders on important sustainability topics, such as sustainability reporting. On the particulars, we may not always agree. But we believe in hearing and learning from others who offer valuable insights and a different point of view on issues that are important to us all.

In May, Stora Enso announced the decision to convert the Oulu paper mill in Finland into packaging production to strengthen its position in the growing packaging business. Gilles van Nieuwenhuyzen, EVP Division Packaging Solutions, discusses the drivers and applications.

At Sustana Fiber, we promote and apply sustainable manufacturing and business practices to deliver premium, eco-friendly recycled fibers to customers across North America.

SCA has appointed Katarina Nilsson new Senior Vice President Legal Affairs and General Counsel.

AMETEK Surface Vision has appointed Éric Charette-Béchamp as its Regional Sales Manager for Canada.

Roger Malaison is a published author, a former mayor of Kénogami (Quebec) and a European consultant to the paper industry.

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