Cascades PRO Answers: What are the key factors to consider when purchasing your bath tissue product?

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The bathroom is a private, almost sacred, place. A momentary reprieve from the outside world, where we do our business, gather our thoughts, and freshen up for the return to reality.

Bathroom tissue, of course, plays a key role in this (hopefully) daily human function. What should people actually consider before purchasing? We asked Isabelle Gendron, Product Manager for bath and facial products at Cascades Tissue Group for her advice.

Q. Where would we be without bathroom tissue?

A. We almost found that out last year with the small bath tissue panic that arose from the lack of products in some retail stores. However, at Cascades we were able to respond quickly. Any delay at the retail level was simply a result of stores selling out their stocks too quickly. It was unexpected, but we resupplied them right away.

Did you know that there are countries that don’t use bathroom tissue at all? Some Asian, European and South American countries prefer bidets. In North America, the average use is about 104 rolls per capita per year.

Q. Why are there so many different types of bathroom tissue?

A. Bathroom tissue is a commodity product consumers rely on every day at home and at work. Their choices are based on price, material, texture, thickness, softness, absorbency and, increasingly, eco-friendliness. Consumers choose comfort and effectiveness, while industrial purchasers look for value.

Cascades bathroom tissue answers every preference, including eco-friendliness.

Q. Do we have to sacrifice comfort for the environment?

A. Never. Cascades has been a leader in combining comfort and strength with eco-responsibility. Our entire line of Latte® bathroom tissues is biodegradable and quickly decomposes in water.

Cascades PRO Perform® Standard Toilet Paper Latte B400 is made of 100% recycled fibers and is just as gentle on people as it is on the planet. Plus, it is hypoallergenic. It’s a top choice for environment-conscious homes and businesses, and perfect for restaurants, schools and offices.

Q. How eco-friendly is the manufacturing process?

A. Great question. As a paper company, our priority is protecting the environment. Cascades uses 3.9 x less water to manufacture our products than the North American pulp and paper industry average. Also, our bath tissue paper is chlorine free.

The EcoLogo symbol on our products certifies that they have a reduced environmental impact. Cascades Latte products are made of recycled fibres and certified by third-party Green Seal and/or UL/Ecologo

Q. How do we choose from all the different plies and sizes?

A. This is a personal preference but, unlike decades ago, especially with Cascades products, one- and two-ply tissues offer quality experiences.

We also offer different roll sizes to fit almost every application, especially helpful for commercial use with high-capacity jumbo rolls in otwo-ply, and standard one- and two-ply rolls .

Q. Lastly, the tail of a sheet over or under?

A. I’m going to keep my preference secret. But we do know that 60% to 70% of consumers choose over, like a waterfall. Just like our name, Cascades.

A passionate marketing professional with 15 years of experience in portfolio management and product launches for the food and cosmetics industries, Isabelle Gendron is Product Manager for the Cascades Tissue Group.

Source: Cascades PRO