Charles Trevor, American Softwoods: "The market for softwood lumber in the United States is the world's largest"


"The production of southern yellow pine ( southern yellow pine, SYP ) in 2018 was 44.5 million cubic meters, compared with 43.2 in 2017.

Production in 2018 western conifer was 343, 1 million cubic meters. The softwood market in the US is the world's largest. Wood construction has a dominant position in the market and will continue to dominate demand for softwood in the immediate future , "he says in an interview Charles Trevor, an international consultant for American Softwoods, after passing through Interzum 2019.

SPAIN (07/13/2019) .- The US timber sales to the European Union conifers were 26.8 million in 2018, and Spain is the third most important export of this timber market, after Italy and the United Kingdom. These are the impressions of Charles Trevor, an international consultant for American Softwoods , after the involvement of the promotion office of US conifers in Interzum 2019.


Source: Argentina Forestal


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