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FPInnovations scientist Lin Hu receives the 2018 Wood Engineering Achievement Award

FPInnovations is very proud to share the news that Lin Hu, Senior Scientist in the Building Systems team, has been rewarded the 2018 Wood Engineering Achievement Award: Engineering Innovation for her contributions in the area of floor vibrations!

The Wood Engineering Achievement Award: Engineering Innovation is presented by the Forest Products Society during the annual International Convention, and it recognizes achievements and innovations in the discipline of wood engineering, including structures, structural elements, building codes, consensus standards, design procedures, and education. The award focus alternates each year between Lifetime Achievement, Young Engineer, and Engineering Innovation.

"I see this award as not really for me, but for everyone at FPInnovations, especially at Building Systems. Without the Building Systems' managers and colleagues as well as the long-lasting collaborators in Canada, U.S., and Europe, I would have achieved nothing", said Lin. "When I started my career here, I got three wonderful mentors. They told me that if you cannot implement your results into building codes, it would cost your and your boss's jobs. So I remembered this, and focused on making my work useful to the industry and to society. Innovation is not the difficult part; it takes 10% of the effort. It is the implementation that is challenging and that takes 90% of the effort. But, the reward is great."

Alongside her team, Lin's expertise and contribution focus on vibration and noise control of wood buildings. She is currently working on ambient vibration tests (AVTs) on mid-rise and high-rise wood buildings as well as vibration tests on mass timber floors. Her objective is to develop design methods to control wind-induced lateral vibrations of wood buildings and motion-induced floor vibrations of contemporary wood floors, as well as develop innovative solutions for sound insulation of tall wood buildings

"I am very lucky to get a long time support from FPInnovations management and CFS for financial support which lead me to complete the research of floor vibration, and implement the results into ISO and CSA O86 standards", added Lin.

The 2018 awards were presented at the Forest Products Society's 72nd International Convention on June 11-14, 2018 in Madison, WI, USA, which was cohosted by TAPPI Nano.

On behalf of everyone at FPInnovations, congratulations Lin!

Source: FPInnovations

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