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FPInnovations restructures activities related to Pulp & Paper and Bioproducts sectors

Always keen on meeting the needs of its members in all areas of activity, FPInnovations recently split its Pulp, Paper & Bioproducts division in order to provide a separate, collaborative framework better targeted to its clientele. By creating a separate division for Bioproducts members, it is aiming, in particular, to recruit new players all along the new value chains that are in the process of being developed, and mainly in the applications of new bioproducts, for the purpose of developing new markets.

An expanded offer of services for the Pulp & Paper division

It is important to point out that the Pulp & Paper division will continue to work on the production and performance of traditional products, but will also include the production of such bioproducts as nanocrystalline cellulose (NCC), cellulose filaments (CF), sugars, lignin, etc. Research on the processes of producing bioproducts from wood fibre and the optimization of such processes will therefore be carried out in the Pulp & Paper division. Organizations interested in the production aspect of bioproducts will consequently have to be a member of this division. Similarly, the application of these bioproducts in conventional pulp and paper products, in order to improve their performance or value, will be one of the focuses of this division.

A new Bioproducts division for companies in all industries

As for the new Bioproducts division, it aims to integrate bioproducts into new so-called non-traditional applications to the forest sector, including the research and innovation activities required for such integration, so as to create new high value-added products for emerging natural and renewable product markets and also to bring these products into applications of non-traditional sectors for the forest products industry, such as the automotive sector. In this way, the new division is helping to diversify the forest resources market and support the transformation of Canada's forest industry.

One of the major objectives of this new division is to bring together players from various sectors, thereby making it possible to integrate the prospects, problems and needs of these sectors into the bioproducts strategy, in addition to maximizing the chances of success in marketing these bioproducts.

An example: cellulose biomaterials

Cellulose biomaterials, one specific component of the Bioproducts division, aims to optimize the value and diversification of the applications of such new cellulose structures as NCC, CF, and cellulose gels, whose properties may improve a vast range of products by integrating them, for example, into composite materials, wood products, bioplastics, paints, inks, varnishes, textiles, and cosmetics. The work accomplished through the new Bioproducts division will help connect the forest products industry with sectors considered to be non-traditional for this industry, such as the automotive, aeronautics, and plastic processing sectors as well as a good many other sectors that have yet to be explored.

Better target our members' needs

The new Bioproducts division was set up to attract companies not operating in the traditional pulp and paper sector. At the same time, the organization is continuing its ongoing efforts to offer top-notch services and research and to help members and the pulp and paper industry position themselves on the international scene, by improving their competitiveness, and also by adding a platform for the production of new bioproducts from biomass. The two divisions are fully complementary—the Pulp & Paper division by targeting the production of materials, which will be subsequently modified and adapted for applications developed by the Bioproducts division.

Although officially launched very recently, FPInnovations' Bioproducts division already has members within its ranks, who had previously shown interest in benefiting from FPInnovations' services and expertise in a field of the future: bioproducts.

For more information on innovation opportunities offered by FPInnovations, whether for the production of bioproducts or the development of applications, contact Stephan Larivière, Strategic Member Recruitment Manager, or consult the Bioproducts web page.

Source: FPInnovations

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