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FPInnovations’ training options for pulp, paper and bioproducts employees

The Canadian forest industry is facing two significant challenges: the loss of knowledge and expertise caused by a large wave of retirements and the demand for new knowledge and expertise created by the transformation of forest industry. To help the industry address these challenges, FPInnovations has developed different training programs with a focus on newly hired employees and those who need to update their skills.

The most popular of these training programs is a 5-day course covering pulp, paper, and bioproducts, which is open to staff working in pulp and paper as well as other industries. This course has been very popular over the years, with new lectures constantly being added including the latest addition called "Innovation Day". This part of the course introduces the emerging new biomaterials and biochemicals (e.g., nanocellulose, lignin, and biofuel) to the students. The course is designed such that demonstrations coincide with the lectures. This gives the students an opportunity to discuss in more detail what they learned in the lectures in an informal setting. The feedback on this course has been very positive and is highly recommended by former students each year.

"The Pulp, Paper, and Bioproducts course that was put on by FPInnovations last October was excellent," mentioned Alex Swan, Pulp Sales Manager (Asia) at West Fraser. "The Pulp, Paper and Bioproducts course gives a very thorough overview of the industry. Some topics are quite technical, clearly designed with Engineers in mind, but overall it's manageable regardless of background. The course is extensive, covering a huge variety of topics, and the guide is a great reference to take home. I would recommend the course to anyone in the pulp business, and especially to newcomers".

Other options are also available for companies that require training for the specific needs of pulp and paper mills, and FPInnovations has designed customized courses and on-site training for large and small groups. These delivery alternatives are ideal when staff cannot travel and when mills face changes in operation.

Please contact FPInnovations to learn more about our different training options, or consult Our Solutions & Technology web pages.

Source: FPInnovations


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