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FPInnovations signs a memorandum of understanding with Nanjing Tech University

Last November, FPInnovations representatives were in China for the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Nanjing Tech University. Effective January 1, 2018, the MOU provides for joint research and development activities of mutual interest in the areas of wood products and building systems.

More specifically, the agreement covers the following:

  • Cooperation in joint scientific or applied research projects in the areas of seismic performance, fire protection, and durability of mass timber buildings and long-span timber structures;
  • Development of technical support for relevant regulatory changes in the respective countries;
  • Development of expertise through co-supervision of graduate students and professional development of personnel; and
  • Technical assistance, on contracted advisory capacities where appropriate and necessary, for projects on the design and construction of structures such as wood bridges, and residential and public buildings.

Tim Caldecott, Provincial Leader at FPInnovations, was part of the delegation. "The Chinese market is important for developing markets for B.C. forest products and systems. FPInnovations considers these kinds of technical agreements as complementary to the considerable market development efforts led by Canada Wood and Forestry Innovation Investment."

Representatives of the two parties will manage and oversee the collaborative activities under this MOU. The agreement is effective for five years.

Source: FPInnovations

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